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File 01B. Grammar: Present Simple


Here's some extra practice for the grammar contents of this file:

a. PRESENT SIMPLE. What is the correct 3rd Person Singular form of these verbs? Make full sentences:

read -reads  He reads newspapers and magazines.

go - explain - know- carry - have - do - prefer - meet - talk - choose - organize - finish - dry - forget - dress - ask

goes - explains - knows - carries - has - does - prefers - meets - talks - chooses - organizes - finishes - dries - forgets - dresses - asks

b. PLURALS. The plurals below are spelt incorrectly. Read them and then write the correct plurals:

watchs - bookes - knifes - mans - diarys - addresss - persons - scarfs - citys - childs

watches - books - knives - men - diaries - addresses - people - scarves - cities - children

Lesson B present simple (1)
Lesson B present simple (2)

File 01B. Vocabulary: personality adjectives (expansion)


Here's a powerpoint presentation with some personality adjectives:

And now, here's a link with 50 other words to describe personality in English:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NB2 Recommended reading: British and American Festivities


British and American Festivities (Green Apple/Black Cat) is the recommended reading book we have chosen  for this year. The book also includes lots of pictures, exercises and an audio CD for your convenience.

You will have to do some oral presentations in front of the class about each of the different important dates of the British/American calendars, so you can start reading the book as soon as possible.

File 01. Micro-challenge: The expression What's up?

The expression What's up? was one of Bugs Bunny's most well-known catchphrases.What's up? has replaced 'Hello' or 'Hi' as the most popular form of casual greeting.

But... what do people usually answer when somebody says 'What's up?'? Do some online research and post your findings in the Comments section.