Tuesday, December 21, 2010

File 3A. Grammar: going to & present continuous (future arrangements)

Exercise 1 (going to, present continuous 1)
Exercise 2 (going to, present continuous 2)
Exercise 3 (present continuous for future)

Culture: Christmas in England

Courtesy of Isabel M. Bastida

Thursday, December 16, 2010

File 02 Revision. Pronunciation: The Irregular verbs Song

File 2D. Linking words: so, because, but, although

EXTRA ACTIVITIES (so, because, but, although):

Exercise 1
Exercise 2

File 2C. Grammar: Questions without auxiliaries (extra practice)


This is just to let you know that I have created a new section on the blog called P.R.O.E. I'll be using this section to add some of your creations and any other extra exercises that for some reason we did not have time to do in class.

To start with, you can download the following document about Questions without auxiliaries and do it at home. I'll give you the answers to this exercise next week.

Download P.R.O.E. activity

Alternatively, you can do these two activities about Questions with or without auxiliaries:

Questions with/without auxiliaries - Exercise 1
Questions with/without auxiliaries - Exercise 2

Friday, December 3, 2010

Song: Imagine

And here's a karaoke version of the song for our John Lennon wannabe ;)

Long weekend homework...


This is just to remind you all your homework to be done during this long weekend:

- File 02D. One October Evening (page 22):
1. READING (Answers to part a = A3, B5, C1, D6, E4, F2)
2. GRAMMAR (so, because, but, although) + Grammar Bank p.128, exercises a & b
Photocopy: Grammar 2D (so, because, but, although)

- File 02. Writing: The story behind a photo